Temperament Therapy
"Temperament is the God-given, inborn nature of each person
determining how he or she interacts and reacts with people,
circumstances, environments, situations, and the world. Temperament
is who we are on the inside, what the Bible calls “the inner man” (or
woman, God is not talking gender here). The National Christian
Counselors Association, in the early 1980s, conducted seven years of
research involving 5,000 people in regards to temperament. The
research is still continuing. It is now possible, through the use of the
Temperament Analysis Profile Report (renamed the Arno Profile
System in honor of Drs. Arno who were intimately involved in this
research), to determine a person’s temperament and their temperament
needs accurately and scientifically. When a person’s temperament
needs are being met by healthy and godly means, stress, anxiety and
the problems related to stress and anxiety are greatly reduced. Some of
the problems directly connected to stress and anxiety are: depression,
dissatisfaction, loneliness, fear, frustration, anger, marriage and family
problems, poor work performance, exhaustion and inter/intra personal
conflicts. Even the American Medical Association has stated that 80%
of physical ailment is stress related." - Dr. Rick Martin
, author of God
Created You: A Guide to Temperament Therapy.
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